Silk'n Motion Premium H3220 hair removal device FGP1PE1001

Silkn Motion Premium H3220 hair removal device FGP1PE1001
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Product no.: SILKNMOTIONH3220
GTIN/EAN: 8712856051984
weight class (kg): 4.0000
Manufacturer: Silk´n
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Silk´n Motion H3220 hair removaldeviceFGP1PE1001

Item description from the manufacturer:

Effortless & ergonomic permanent hairreduction
Permanent hair reduction for permanently smooth skin, like an IPLtreatment in a beauty salon? Discover Silk'n Motion! Get rid ofunwanted body and facial hair in no time with the flashes of light thatthe device emits. The automatic flashing light system and the ergonomicdesign make using the device even easier. In this way, hair is removedquickly so that you can enjoy velvety soft, smooth skin even faster.

  • Permanent hair reduction for body and face withHPL™
  • Touch&Glide technology: faster depilation with theautomatic light flash system
  • With 350,000 flashes of light and 3 security sensors
  • Auto Energy Adjust System: superior safety for darker skintypes
Automaticlight flash system for faster hair removalWith this ergonomic hairremoval device, depilation is particularly quick and automatic thanksto the patented Touch&Glide technology. Motion only has asingle button that you can use to turn the device on and off and switchbetween the five energy levels. From now on, you no longer have topress an impulse button to trigger a flash of light.

The Motion hair removal device is the only device that has threesensors for skin tone, touch and movement to ensure safe use. Thedevice recognizes your skin tone (skin tone sensor) and determineswhether the treatment with the selected energy level is suitable foryour skin tone. When you touch your skin with the device (touchsensor), it will flash automatically. As soon as you stop moving thedevice over your skin, no more flashes are automatically triggered(motion sensor). The hair removal device also includes 350,000 lightflashes and a multi-use treatment area of ??3 cm2 to depilate body andface effortlessly.
New: Auto Energy Adjust System for superior safety>With Silk’nMotion, people with a darker skin tone can now also use flash hairremoval. The completely new Auto Energy Adjust System and theintelligent skin tone sensor ensure that the energy level of the deviceis automatically reduced to energy level 2 if the skin tone is toodark. This setting is safe for all skin tones.
  • Mains voltage: 12V
  • Treatment areas: legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, face
  • not washable, only to be cleaned with a cloth
  • wireless: no

Before firstuse, please carefully select the Read the user manual!

Warninginformation from the user manual:

Do not use the device if:

  • You suffer or have suffered from epilepsy.
  • You have naturally dark skin. For darker skin types,treatment can cause side effects such as burns, blisters, and changesin skin color (hyper- or hypopigmentation).
  • Your naturally have white, grey, light blonde or red bodyhair.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • There is a history of excessive scarring.
  • You have a condition associated with photosensitivity,such as porphyria, polymorphic photoeruption, solar urticaria, lupus,etc.
  • You have a history of skin cancer or are currentlysuffering from any type of cancer or have areas of the body withpotentially malignant skin lesions.
  • Your doctor has prescribed medication for a skincondition within the last 6 months.
  • You are allergic to metal or hypersensitive to contactwith chrome
  • You have any other medical condition that your doctorconsiders unsafe to use this device.
  • You cannot perceive heat properly due to illness or otherhealth problems

These body parts must not be treated:

  • tanned skin.
  • around or near the eyes. Use only below the cheekbones.
  • on tattoos or permanent make-up, dark brown or blackspots (such as large freckles, liver spots or warts), nipples,
  • Genitals, around the anus or on the lips.
  • Areas where fillers or toxins have been injected.
  • Areas of the body where you get a herpes rash
  • Active eczema, psoriasis, lesions, open wounds orinfections (cold sores) and pathologically changed skin due to systemicdiseases or metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes).
  • Areas prone to rosacea.
  • about varicose veins.
  • painful areas.
  • Areas where you may want to grow hair later. The resultsare permanent

Content of delivery:

  • 1x Device Motion
  • 1x storage case
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • Adapters
  • Instruction manual


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Silkn Motion Premium H3220 hair removal device FGP1PE1001
Silkn Motion Premium H3220 hair removal device FGP1PE1001
Silkn Motion Premium H3220 hair removal device FGP1PE1001
Silkn Motion Premium H3220 hair removal device FGP1PE1001
Silkn Motion Premium H3220 hair removal device FGP1PE1001

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